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We believe therapy should be too

Helomics is a leader in functional precision medicine harnessing

the power of your tumor to personalize your therapy

Personalizing Therapy Today

Functional Tumor Profiling

Our unique functional tumor profiling platform interrogates your living tumor using a set of genomic and functional tests that determine how your tumor responds to drugs. We then compare your tumor profile with our extensive knowledge-base generating a roadmap to help your oncologist personalize your treatment.

Discovering the Therapies of Tomorrow

AI-Driven Patient-Centric Drug Discovery

We have developed a unique technology that combines our clinically validated primary tumor cell assay and drug response data acquired from testing over 150,000 tumors, together with proven artificial intelligence (AI) to allow us to test potential drugs against patient tumor cells, much earlier in the drug discovery process. We believe this patient-centric approach will significantly improve the success of translating compounds into the clinic, saving time, cost, and most importantly getting therapies to patients more quickly