We believe therapy should be too

Helomics is a leader in functional 

precision medicine harnessing

the power of your  tumor

 to personalizeyour therapy

Personalizing Therapy Today

Our unique platform interrogates your living tumor using a set of genomic and functional tests that determine how your tumor responds to drugs. We then compare your tumor profile with our extensive knowledge-base generating a roadmap for your oncologist to personalize your treatment.

Discovering for Tomorrow

Every tumor we test contributes data to our unique D-CHIP knowledgebase which contains anonymized molecular and drug response profiles from over 150,000 cancer cases. Using the proven power of Artifical Intelligence (AI) we are leveraging this data to build predictive models of tumor drug response. These models offer researchers in pharma, biopharma and diagnostic companies actionable insights to drive the development of new precision therapies,

companion diagnostics, biomarkers and help design better-targeted trials

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