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Why have your tumor tested at Helomics?
Because your cancer can undergo therapy before you do

Your oncologist is using every tool available to improve the odds in your fight against cancer. At Helomics we complement your oncologist’s efforts with our holistic approach to testing your tumor. This approach combines drug response profiling and genomic profiling of your tumor, generating a comprehensive picture to provide information to help your oncologist individualize your therapy. This information may be used to reduce your risk of receiving therapies that are ineffective or to identify alternatives when the typical treatments recommended for your type of cancer cannot be tolerated. We firmly believe that this unique Tumor Drug Response Profiling (TDRP) platform together with the latest NGS-based genomic profiling and our vast cancer knowledge-base of 150,000 tumors will provide a more functional approach to precision medicine than relying on genomics alone, helping better guide your oncologist’s therapy decisions.

How does your tumor get tested?
A small piece of your tumor is sent to our laboratory for testing

Tumor tissue is obtained during biopsy or surgery and your oncologist will send that tissue to our CLIA certified laboratory using our special collection kit. Two samples of your tumor tissue are obtained, fixed and live. The fixed tumor tissue is used for a panel of biomarker tests (e.g. BRAF, HER2 etc) using genomics. The live tumor tissue is grown in the lab and used to test the drug response of the tumor to a panel  standard-of-care (SOC) drugs. When testing is complete a report is provided back to your clinician with recommended SOC therapies based on the drug response and genomic profiles.

What is the value of your tumor being tested?
In addition to helping you, your tumor will help future patients.

The data generated from testing the unique mutations of your tumor and from the drug response profiling, which essentially performs chemotherapy on your tumor outside of the body, provided information to your oncologist to improve the odds in your fight against cancer. In addition and with your consent, data generated by testing your tumor is added to our D-CHIP cancer knowledgebase of existing tumor data. Deeper analysis of this data will improve the recommendations we give to clinicians to help patients like you, as well as provide insights to guide research into new therapies for GYN cancers.

How much will it cost ?
We understand the financial stresses cancer diagnosis and treatment can
bring and we are here for you…

Helomics is committed to providing access to functional precision medicine to as many people as possible. Our panel of biomarker/genomic tests are covered by most insurers/Medicare and we have continued to offer Tumor Drug Response Profiling (TDRP) amidst payment uncertainty from both commercial insurers and Medicare. Due to continued clinical demand and interest in our TDRP panel across the GYN-ONC community, we remain committed to meeting the needs of patients. So to keep this type of testing available to patients and their treating physicians, within a disease state where few other predictive options exist, Helomics has decided to offer our Tumor Drug Response Profiling at a drastically reduced rate such that no patient will pay more than $615.00. We also provide a Compassionate Care Program for those patients who need further help with payment.