What we can Offer

​Helomics offers a full range of biorepository services for Pharma, BioPharma and Diagnostic companies, to address the needs for specimen lifecycle management from transport, through storage to processing and destruction.

Our Services 
Specimen collection and shipment

With over 20 years of experience in shipping live tumor tissue, we can help you with all aspects of specimen logistics from study site collection to transport to our facilities and to other laboratories. We can provide study specific kits and specialty shipping containers to ensure the quality of your specimens, and together with our partners we can also advise on the most appropriate and cost effective transport methods. ​

Specimen Storage

Our CLIA laboratory houses our biorepository which has a variety of storage modalities from room temperature (15C-27C), cold storage (5C and -20C), ultra-low-temperature freezers (-80C) and long term cryopreservation (-190C), enabling the storage of a wide variety of specimens from bio-fluids, tissues, cells and FFPE blocks. We protect these specimens using multiple redundant back-up systems and continuous monitoring with remote alerts to our 24x7 on call staff, for complete protection of your valuable assets.

Inventory Management

Our state-of-the-art validated informatics platform ensures your specimen inventory is effectively managed throughout the specimen lifecycle. Specimens maybe requested for processing, shipping to other facilities or marked for destruction, with full chain-of-custody and audit trail. For specimens that are highly annotated we offer powerful search capabilities to retrieve specimens based on biological, clinical and omic criteria. Built on open standards our informatics platform maybe easily configured to store any annotations you require for your specimens.

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