Every patient is unique, and so is her cancer. For this reason, we believe that every patient deserves cancer treatment that is individualized and tailored for her specific cancer, because cancer treatment is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we've developed ChemoFx® -to give you a clear and powerful advantage and improve your chances of successful treatment.



What is ChemoFx?

ChemoFx is a Treatment Selection Marker.  It determines how an individual gynecologic cancer patient is likely to respond to various types of chemotherapy by testing the treatment options on that patient's cancer cells before the physician chooses one for the patient. While not intended to replace standard of care therapy, ChemoFx provides valuable insights that help guide physicians' treatment decisions, giving you an edge against gynecologic cancer.

Now your cancer can undergo chemotherapy before you do.

Developed to improve your chances of successful treatment, ChemoFx is a laboratory test that determines how your particular cancer cells may respond to different chemotherapies. You can take comfort in the fact that testing your cancer cells in the lab—before they're treated in your body—may help guide your doctor in selecting the chemotherapy that is most likely to be effective for you.

Your physician is using every advantage available to improve the odds in your fight against cancer. ChemoFx is designed to reduce your risk of receiving therapies that are ineffective or to identify alternatives when the typical treatments recommended for your type of cancer cannot be tolerated. Most patients do not have to undergo any additional procedures for this test.

When can ChemoFx be used?

ChemoFx can be used over a broad range of chemotherapies for all gynecologic malignancies, including ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers, as well as gynecologic sarcomas. Non-gynecologic tumors, including leukemia and lymphomas are not tested at present.  With its broad range, ChemoFx is designed to meet the needs of many patients. It may be used during several stages of your care, including:
•    During your initial surgery
•    If you are not able to tolerate the typical treatment most often recommended for your cancer type
•    If you don’t respond (refractory) to initial treatment
•    If you have a rare cancer and there are no established treatment guidelines
•    If your cancer has recurred

How does ChemoFx work?

A portion of your tumor is is removed during your surgery or biopsy and sent to our lab. Your cancer cells are grown in our lab and treated with a number of chemotherapies.† A report is sent to your physician that details how your cancer cells responded to each type of chemotherapy. Your doctor can use the report to help determine your treatment regimen. With ChemoFx, you and your physician will have the advantage of knowing which chemotherapies are more likely to be effective before you're ever treated with them.

A portion of tissue is removed from the tumor during surgery or biopsy

The patient's cancer cells are grown in the lab and treated with various chemotherapies

The cells' response to the drugs is measured 

A report is sent to the physician detailing these results

Physician determines course of treatment for this patient

How can you get these results for your cancer?

The ChemoFx test must be ordered by a physician. As a patient, you should discuss this test with your doctor and ask whether ChemoFx can aid in your treatment decisions. Your physician can call Helomics Client Services and receive a test kit. All testing requires a signed patient consent form. At the time of your surgery, your medical team will prepare a portion of your extracted tumor and ship it in the Helomics kit.

If you would like suggestions to guide your discussion with your physician about personalized healthcare, consider asking some of the questions in this infographic:

Questions to ask your doctor about personzlied medicine ChemoFx Helomics Chemoresponse
Questions to ask your doctor about personalized medicine ChemoFx Chemoresponse

Regarding payment for the ChemoFx test, our staff is highly qualified and prepared to assist you. It is Helomics’ desire to minimize any burden that arises regarding reimbursement. Helomics’ experienced Managed Care Financial Services Representatives will file the claim and any necessary appeal on the patient’s behalf with their insurance company. Patients will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance plan that details each of the tests ordered by their physician.  An EOB is not a bill.  If the patient’s claim is ultimately denied or it is determined that the patient has an applicable copay, coinsurance, or deductible owed, Helomics offers both financial assistance and payment plans.

Helomics understands the financial stresses cancer can place on families. If you are ultimately denied coverage, have a large co-pay/deductible, or do not have insurance we encourage you to call and discuss financial assistance with our Managed Care Financial Services Department. If you have any questions regarding coverage and payment for Helomics’ services, please contact the Managed Care Financial Services staff at 1.888.522.7087, or email us at



† Although unlikely, in 8–10% of cases, testing cannot be completed.