Functional Tumor Profiling - individualizing treatment options for GYN cancer patients


Cancer is personal, and at Helomics we believe cancer therapy should be also. For many years, our clinically validated ChemoFx and BioSpecifFX Biomarker tests have provided clinicians with information about the patient’s tumor to help the clinician individualize treatment plans.


Building on the foundation of those two testing modalities we have restructured our clinical testing approach to provide you with more information about your patient’s tumor.  Our new Functional Tumor Profiling (FTP) Report combines Standard-of-Care therapy recommendations based on both the drug response and the biomarker profile of your patient’s tumor.

In addition, we will provide information from both public data sources and our extensive historical collection of tumor drug response data, giving context to compare your patient’s functional tumor profile with response profiles housed in our TumorSpace knowledgebase.

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Unique Advantages of Functional Tumor Profiling

FunctionalTumor Profiling is a unique approach that can comprehensively characterize a patient’s tumor potentially leading to better-informed treatment selection decisions. 

  • Provides in vitro drug response information

  • Able to test the effect of individual drugs and combinations

  • Demonstrates the presence or absence of specific drug targets

  • Determines the status of markers associated with prognosis

  • Offers additional context from Helomics' historical drug response testing

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Tumor Drug Response Testing*

Harness the patient's own tumor to help individualize their treatment. Clinically validated as prognostic and predictive for GYN cancer patients

*formerly ChemoFX

Genomic Profiling*

Test the patient's tumor on panels of clinically relevant, cancer-related biomarkers to guide treatment




*formerly BioSpeciFX

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