Genomic Testing 

Biomarker Testing for Your Cancer

Helomics offers a group of clinically relevant, cancer-related biomarker tests that determine how the biomarkers in your body are likely to respond to various types of chemotherapy and/or the course your disease is likely to take. Helomics believes that only the most well-validated biomarker tests should be used to determine treatment decisions, so biomarkers included in our portfolio are supported by current research and key opinion leaders.

Many physicians utilize these biomarker expression results to help them better understand the unique characteristics of your particular cancer. It can help them choose between multiple, equivalent therapies, to make decisions on how aggressively to treat your cancer, or to suggest certain clinical trials for you, if you should qualify. The tumor types most frequently tested through Helomics panels are gynecologic cancers, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer, but these tests are available for all solid tumor types.

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