Welcome to Helomics and our Blog, The Holistic

Welcome to Helomics, we are a personalized medicine company located in Pittsburgh, PA. We work with physicians, patients, and companies to personalize therapy today while helping to accelerate discovery for the therapies of tomorrow.

Unlike other companies, we take a holistic approach to personalized medicine. Running in our CLIA laboratory, our unique platform interrogates living tumor tissue from the patient using a set of functional and traditional molecular tests to determine how their tumor responds to drugs and what mutations their tumor is carrying. We couple the information from this drug response profiling as well as the molecular testing to create a functional tumor profile. We then compare this functional tumor profile to our extensive tumor knowledge base generating actionable information to help the oncologist individualize therapy.

Cancer is personal, and at Helomics we believe cancer therapy should be too. Through our blog, The Holistic, we hope can create a space where together we can continue to educate and learn with the oncology community. This also gives us an opportunity to share more about our processes and the philosophy behind our company as well as provide important updates.

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