About Predictive Oncology Inc.

Predictive Oncology is a clinical and translational data pipeline and AI-driven platform company. We apply our smart tumor profiling and AI platform to extensive genomic and biomarker patient data sets to predict clinical outcomes and improve clinical outcomes for the patients of today and tomorrow.

Predictive Oncology has three operational divisions

Helomics division - our recent acquisition of Helomics provided a key proprietary technology platform and data pipeline for Predictive Oncology to be a leader in providing next-generation, AI and data-driven services to Pharma and Diagnostic companies to accelerate the development of new precision therapies.

TumorGenesis division focuses on developing an approach to grow tumors in the laboratory that mimic the behavior in the patient’s body. This PDx platform, along with other proprietary technologies merged from the Helomics acquisition, will be used in partnerships with Pharma companies to generate more relevant data on drug candidates.

Skyline division develops and sells STREAMWAY® System, which is an automated, direct-to-drain system that simplifies and improves the management of surgical fluid for the benefit of patients, staff, and the environment.