Helomics® Corporation Announces the Launch of D-CHIP™, a Clinical Knowledge Bioinformatics Platform

PITTSBURGH– April 12, 2017 - Helomics® Corporation (Helomics), a privately-held, healthcare company providing personalized medicine solutions for clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries, today announced the launch of D-CHIP™ (Dynamic Clinical Health Insight Platform), a bioinformatics platform for use by pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to power their precision medicine efforts.

D-CHIP™ is a searchable, bioinformatics platform that can be used by researchers to mine proprietary data of rich multi-omic and clinical information on patients with cancer to drive biomarker discovery and development, virtual clinical trials, as well as patient recruitment and selection.

Gerald J. Vardzel Jr., President and CEO of Helomics stated, “Pharmaceutical companies want access to multi-dimensional data on patients in order to get actionable insights. Medical centers and Hospital Integrated Delivery Networks possess large amounts of complex clinical data, but lack the bioinformatics and analytical platforms to fully leverage it. D-CHIP™ provides organization, and analytics for this clinical data to make it more useful to researchers.”

“D-CHIP™ is a secure, regulatory-compliant, cloud-based analytic portal,” commented Robert Montgomery, Manager of IT and LIMS at Helomics. “This valuable platform will give research and development groups in pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies access to rich, de-identified, patient demographic and multi-omic data, coupled with cutting edge analytics.”

The company is aggressively pursuing collaborative strategic partnerships with major medical centers and Hospital Integrated Delivery Networks to provide mineable clinical data, across a range of disease areas to pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and to accelerate the technical development of improved versions of the platform.

About Helomics® Corporation

Helomics® is an integrated clinical contract research organization whose mission is to improve patient care by partnering with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and academic organizations to bring innovative clinical products and technologies to the marketplace. Helomics offers advanced clinical laboratory diagnostic tests as well as scientific and non-scientific product enhancement services to provide a customized solution to our client’s specific product development needs.

Helomics® is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the company maintains state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified, clinical and research laboratories. For more information please visit: www.helomics.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

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