Helomics® Corporation and SpeciCare, Inc. sign Letter of Intent to provide personalized medicine opp

PITTSBURGH– July 9, 2018 - Helomics® Corporation (Helomics), a privately-held, healthcare company providing personalized medicine solutions and boutique CRO services for clients in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotechnology industries, and SpeciCare, Inc., an innovative Georgia based company connecting cancer patients to new treatment options only available through storing the patients live tumor tissue, today announced that they have signed a joint Letter of Intent to provide new opportunities for precision oncology and personalized medicine for cancer patients through their joint business offerings.

The two organizations plan to partner on a variety of activities from go-to-market initiatives for each other’s products and services, to collaborative research and development opportunities that leverage each company’s core competencies in tumor presentation, storage, profiling and artificial intelligence.

“We are excited to partner with SpeciCare as we believe Dr. Ken Dixon’s mission to offer new opportunities for personalized cancer care based on storing and testing living tumor tissue is very complementary to the Helomics approach, which provides treatment recommendations based on testing the molecular and drug response profile of the patient’s own tumor. We also intend to bring the power of our D-CHIP AI based bioinformatics platform, which contains the accumulated knowledge of 150,000 cancer cases to help guide treatment decisions for patients that use our joint offerings,” commented Gerald J. Vardzel Jr., President and CEO of Helomics.

Dr. Ken Dixon, Founder and CEO of SpeciCare, said, “Establishing partnerships with innovative companies in the research and cancer treatment field, like Helomics, creates a pre-established set of options for our patients to consider with their live tumor tissue. At SpeciCare, we do not believe just storing a patient’s tumor tissue is enough. We understand that time matters most for our patients and so we are working hard to help form options for their own personal benefit.”

About Helomics Corporation

Helomics is a Personalized Healthcare company located in Pittsburgh, PA. Helomics mission is to improve the standard of care for cancer patients (especially gynecological) through innovative research and development partnerships with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotechnology, and academic organizations, leading to better and more personalized treatments and diagnostic technologies cancer. Helomics’ CLIA-certified lab provides clinical testing that assists oncologists in individualizing patient treatment decisions, by providing an evidence-based roadmap for therapy.

In addition to its proprietary precision oncology platform, Helomics offers boutique CRO services that leverage its TruTumor™, patient-derived tumor models coupled to a wide range of multi-omics assays (genomics, proteomics and biochemical), and a proprietary bioinformatics platform (D-CHIP) to provide a tailored solution to our client’s specific needs. The D-CHIP platform is being built out with Precision Therapeutics, which has a 25% equity stake in Helomics, to leverage the Helomics D-CHIP™ platform to develop and market new approaches for personalized cancer diagnosis and care.

Helomics® is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the company maintains a state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified, clinical and research laboratory.

For more information, please visit: www.helomics.com

About SpeciCare

SpeciCare is an innovative new company connecting cancer patients to new treatment options only available through storing the patient’s live tumor tissue and focused on increasing access to the most advanced medical treatments for the cancer patient. Serving as the missing link connecting routine clinical care to the research community, SpeciCare saves individual’s living tumor tissue by cryopreserving it in a viable state and then making it available for individual patient directed research and clinical testing. By providing physicians and patients with specific pathways to personalized therapies and pertinent clinical trials and providing researchers with greater access to viable tissue, SpeciCare serves as a catalyst in the development of the cancer treatment field and research for the benefit of the cancer patient.

For more information, please visit: specicare.com.

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