TruTumor patient primary tumor culture assay

Meeting an Industry need

Give the high failure rate of new anti-cancer therapies in late-stage clinical trials, better preclinical models that more more representative of in vivo human tumors are needed.

Most of the complex tumor models that have been utilized in recent years by the industry, e.g. tissue slices and xenogeneic transplants attempt to replicate the complexities of the tumor microenvironment but are not yet suitable for routine research or clinical use. These model systems have limitations such as low sample analysis throughput, limited culture duration, poor reproducibility, and have not been shown to have clinical validity. Researchers need a tumor testing platform that is.

  • Cost-effective

  • High throughput

  • Reproducible

  • Flexible in measurement capability



Introducing the TruTumor Platform

TruTumor is a proprietary clinically validated* primary tumor cell culture assay that has proven clinical utility as a predictive and prognostic drug response marker, that together with access to 1000's of well-characterized tumor cell lines addresses heterogeneity both with and between tumors. 

TruTumor has been developed and refined in over 15 years of internal research and development and is protected by trade secrets and more than 20 issued patents


Not only does the platform study the cellular portion of an individual tumor, but it is also capable of developing a tumor shedding profile: a detailed analysis of the cells, proteins,  nucleic acids, and exosomes shed from growing tumor cells

Using the core capabilities of cell biology researchers can investigate the biochemical features of tumor shedding demonstrated to be critical to the process of cell growth and proliferation, immune system evasion, intracellular communication and metastasis

TruTumor supernatrant
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Demonstrated clinical utility as a predictive and prognostic drug response biomarker

The clinical test (known as ChemoFX) has demonstrated clinical utility in GYN cancers. The TruTumor research platform is available for all tumor types. The supporting data and publications are below.

ChemoFX is associated with a 50% improvement in progression-free survival and a 14-month improvement in overall survival when patients receive a sensitive therapy.

Rutherford et al.

Patients treated with a sensitive agent identified by ChemoFx lived 2.5x longer than patients treated with a resistant agent.

Herzog et al.

ChemoFx identifies potentially effective treatments for the majority (59%) of Platinum-Resistant Patients.

Krivak et al.

Clinical Validation.png
Measuring drug response in primary tumor cultures

Helomics has extensive data from clinical testing on tumor drug response to a panel of standard-of-care drugs for the cancer being evaluated. Drug response is evaluated using standard dose-response-metrics (AUC7, IC50, EC50) using an imaging endpoint assay.